Can My Website Be On The First Page Result Of Google Without Doing SEO?

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It’s no secret that the first page of google holds the main to traffic, leads and results but how do you win over on the initial page of google? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get to the first page of google and get more website traffic.

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Over the past 6 months I obtain been soaking up every piece of information I can about search engine optimization because I absolutely wanted to ascertain how to use google to achieve leads and improve my business without a marketing budget.

I obtain managed to get first page rankings on many altered keywords and also bagged some keywords that obtain more than 6000 searches per month, needless to say that this is some serious traffic.

“People like to over complicate the development of getting on initial page of google so what I wanted to do for this occasion is essentially simplify the whole growth into a 3 step formula”

Here is the 3 step to be on the first page of google:

1 – Keyword Research

Keyword research in the core component to getting a piece of content ranked on the frontpage of google not exclusively because you need to check the competition of your keyword to see if you even obtain a possibility of ranking, but the keyword you go after will determine the kind of traffic and leads that you generate.

Here are my two recommendations for doing keyword research: The Google External Keyword Tool (FREE) or Micro Niche Finder 5

2 – Content Creation

Now that you know what keyword you want to rank for it’s time to create a piece of content around your chosen keyword, now this could be anything from a website to an write-up it doesn’t genuinely count and at the end of the day this part is personal preference.

If you are accomplishing blog posts or WordPress blogs I would highly recommend purchasing and using the SEOPressor plugin, it truly is such as creating a particular SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION specialist watching in excess of your current get guidance anyone in exactly what you need to carry out to help enhance your articles.

If you are writing articles or accomplishing videos you need to obtain sure you have the keyword you are targeting in the correct places which is essentially in the title, in the body and in the keywords or tags section.

3 – increase Backlinks

Once you obtain your content created and optimized for the keyword you are targeting all you gain to do now is build backlinks back to your piece of content, to make your backlinks even stronger you want to use your keyword as the anchor text for your backlinks wherever possible.

You can improve backlinks by writing and submit articles, accomplishing forum profiles, creating profiles on web 2.0 properties, commenting on blogs, accomplishing videos, this is just to name a few backlinking strategies.

girl-1328416_640One of the most dynamic back linking strategies I have found that works for me is review submissions and I use a tool called the review Marketing Robot for mass review submissions which produce thousands of backlinks.

NOTE: You want to diversify where you win over your backlinks from, mix it up so it doesn’t look spammy in google’s eyes. You don’t want to piss off Mr. Google or he will “Slap” you. LOL

At the end of the day if you obtain a piece of content that is optimized for the keyword you are targeting all you obtain to do to beat out your competition is gain more backlinks then them.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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