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So you have your website running and you’ve pulled all strings to see that traffic is steadily flowing. But you realize what there are no sales, no leads, no conversions. This is one of those times that you are tempted to ask yourself if internet marketing is a hoax. You however, don’t have to worry as this is something experienced by many people especially when they are getting started with internet marketing. Traffic acquisition takes different angles and you just have to know the best sources. It boils down to the quality.

Here are things that could be going wrong with your traffic which you need to have fixed;

How Genuine Is Your Traffic Source?

Although the internet came as a blessing to many offline businesses giving them a super boost, there are huddles that one needs to be wary of. This includes fake traffic which are sold in almost every corner of the internet. Most newbie internet marketers fall to this trap as they are usually made to believe that they will start making sales immediately by buying the dirty cheap traffic offered.

These traffic comes from a variety of online bots which are made to mimic human behavior under proxies which makes you believe they are real humans. Simply put, the traffic is fake and useless and can’t translate to any conversions.

How Targeted Is Your Traffic

If you are getting started with internet marketing, then you should know that there is more to just getting traffic to your website. The web traffic that you get should be targeted if you intend to get sales from it. By way of example, imagine getting pet blog readers to a website selling coffee beans.

No matter how good the coffee beans are, you will hardly make any sale from such traffic since they definitely don’t need coffee. Their interest is pets and channeling this kind of traffic to a pet shop with some pet food could result in good conversions.  This is why getting targeted traffic is very important.

But how do you get targeted traffic to your site? Depending on where you source your traffic from, your traffic provider should provide you with options to choose your targeting. If they don’t have targeting feature then the traffic will be of low quality and might not give you the expected results.

Tips For Good Targeting:

-You should be more niche specific to get relevant traffic sourced from sites within your niche.

-Choose region specific traffic. You should select which country, state or region where you traffic should be coming from.

-Ensure that you are getting traffic from a verified source. avoid shadow companies that fail to prove their traffic sources.

-If your products are gender specific, make sure to work with a traffic provider that provides this kind of targeting.

-Age is something else that should not be ignored. While there are some products that are suitable for all people, there are those that you wouldn’t expect a certain age group to buy.

Landing Page Optimization

How ready is your site to start getting sales? If you built your website hurriedly, plucked some content onto it and expect to make sales right away, then you have been doing it all wrong. Sales and conversions don’t just come easy without a good landing page. Leads are pulled by a well optimized page.

And it doesn’t end there. You also need an efficient sales funnel in place to help you capture leads and turn them into customers. To do this, building an email list has proven to work. There are lots of email marketing softwares out there that will help you get started with your marketing campaigns easily.

Make Traffic Tests

e-commerce-402822_640Having understood that sales doesn’t just pop from any traffic, you also need to know which kind of traffic works best for your online business. Successful online marketers always know that trying different traffic sources is the key to making sales and increasing the conversion rate of their traffic. when you do this, you are able to determine whether you should keep focusing on that traffic method or leave it and focus on another one.

Being metrics focused and keeping track of your traffic is also important to gauge the quality of the traffic. Online tools such as Google analytics will come in handy when you have decided to keep track of your traffic performance.

Optimize your Website Speed

Imagine visiting a website that takes two minutes to load a single page. If it takes you ages to navigate a website what would you do? Of course you will leave. If that is the case with your website, then you already know that it is to blame for low sales.By the time your customers read through the site and place an order, they will have changed their mind and opted to make a purchase elsewhere.

Site speed is a major factor which has been under-looked by many people. It has been one of the reasons why many businesses fail, yet many webmasters fail to put this into consideration. If you seriously want to make sales through your site, then you have to make your website load fast. If you have little experience in web design, you should consider hiring a web designer to help you out. It may cost you, but it is really worth the cost. To test your site speed there are lots of tools online such as Pingdom.


To wrap it up – Getting traffic isn’t everything and there is no guarantee that as long as you are getting hits, you should make sales. It is all dependent on the quality of traffic that your site is getting and it’s targeting.

To get sales, you need to keep the above factors in your checklist. But above all, keep off spam traffic which harms your website and keeps robbing you off hard earned money.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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