What Is the Difference Between Earned and Paid Traffic?

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If you are looking to get more sales then the best ingredient to help you achieve this is to get more traffic. There are a bazillion ways to get the traffic to your website today. However, it all comes down to differentiating whether it’s paid or free traffic. While one can leverage free traffic from different sources, one can also opt to take the simple but costly route.

Both approaches have stood the test of time and proved to be successful when used well. So, What is the difference between earned and paid traffic? In this post, we will go through the the advantages and disadvantages highlighting the differences between the two.

Paid Website Traffic

If you have been doing internet marketing for a while then you must have known some of the top places to buy traffic and a little background on how the process goes. Practically, there are dozens of ways where one can buy traffic for their website. Assuming that you are sourcing this traffic for legit channels and avoiding scams, there are advantages and disadvantages involved.

Advantages of Paid Traffic

1) Paid Traffic Can Yield Instant results – Since this traffic starts reflecting on your site the moment the campaign is set,  traffic flows in immediately and depending on the quality and targeting, you can even make sales instantly. The key is to ensure that you have precise targeting.

2) Easily Scalable – If you are a metrics focused person and love to maximize on your return on investment, then paid traffic is something that you must try. Once you set up your campaigns and have everything rolling, the only thing that stands between you and maximum profit output is to scale up and leverage full potential.

3) Consistent Traffic – Whether you are running an E-commerce store or a review website, you consider it as a business. For it to continually get you results, you need to get high quality consistent traffic to your website. Buying traffic from the right sources will give you just that. You will never have to worry about low hits and when done right, you will enjoy high sales rates.

4) Improved Targeting – There is a reason why marketers will always praise paid traffic. Most of them even swear that it is the best way to get traffic. While this opens up a debate, there is clearly a reason to this. It is the high laser targeting nature of paid traffic. Many platforms which sells traffic provides their clients a wide range of targeting to reach their audience. You can target audience based on their location, age, gender among many other targeting factors.

5) Excellent band building – Paid traffic is arguably one of the best ways to get instant and widespread exposure which makes it a good brand builder. Depending on your budget, your website can get limitless exposure. Should you ever want to get exposure and brand awareness fast, make sure to give paid traffic a chance.

Disadvantages of Paid Traffic

1) Limited to top end marketers – Buying traffic locks out beginners and aspirin marketers who don’t have a capital to get started. Since only those who have bigger pockets can make rigorous tests on the market, one may not get the best out of paid traffic sources.

2) Lots of Scams – Depending on where you buy traffic, you can either make lots of sales or fail to make even a single one. This is because there are hundreds of fake traffic sellers who would promise anything to see that you buy from them, only to get you junk software generated traffic which won’t work.

Free Web Traffic (Earned Traffic)

finger-769300_640Free traffic is also known as Organic traffic or earned traffic to many internet marketers. It revolves around using free online resources and web properties to drive audience to a particular website. It is often seen as beginners to breakthrough since the only thing needed is time to master different approaches and know what works and what doesn’t.

Advantages of Free Traffic

Here are some of the things that makes Free traffic worth working hard for.

1) It is Simply Free – The fact that the approach demands nothing to spend opens a gateway for opportunities for everyone including newbie marketers who have nothing to spare. Some of the best free traffic sources includes; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, video marketing Guest blogging among others.

2) Low Risks – What if there was a way to avoid all the internet traffic scumbags that are all over the web? Luckily, with free traffic methods, there is little to worry about. With earned traffic, you don’t spend a dime and this means there are no monetary risks.

3) Freedom to try anything – While paid traffic sources limits marketers because they would incur costs, free traffic methods gives everyone a chance to try every twist they can think of. Perhaps this better explains why there are hundreds of free traffic methods that one can choose. Despite being time consuming to do all this, it may be something worth sacrificing for anyone getting started.

Disadvantages of Free Traffic

1) Lower targeting – While the sunny side of this traffic approach comes without incurring any costs, there is little to show off as compared with paid traffic which is more laser targeted.

2) It take much time to yield results – Contrary to what many people think, free traffic takes much time to deliver results. It isn’t as easy as posting a Facebook post or a tweet and expecting to make a sale from that. You need to make sacrifices and work hard to see those results.

Final word:

In all honesty, getting website traffic all depends with you and your situation. Whether you choose to go with the free but cumbersome approach or the paid one that you can invest on rapid results.

We understand that although paid traffic has more advantages, starting could be a bit challenging. This is why here at And Web Traffic, we have a special introductory deal on every sale on our traffic packages. Check out our packages or reach out to us to learn more.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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