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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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If you are still new to the internet marketing game, then you must be finding yourself in a place where you have to ask yourself some newbie questions. Everybody starts somewhere and not knowing anything is just part of learning. Among some of the most asked questions in the internet marketing world is What is website traffic? In this guide, we are not only going to show you what traffic is, but will also make an effort to expound on it and give you some real life examples.

But before delving any further, let us first define what website traffic is. Site traffic is simply the users that visit a website. They can come in directly, through social media or other websites across the globe. Whichever the case, the people visiting the website are known as website traffic or simply traffic.

Do You Need Site Traffic?

Gone are the days when one could just set up a website and forget about it, and start seeing people flock in. Besides just being a good way to promote your business, you need to also factor in that to make profit and be able to stay online, you need to pay for hosting and other things. Without web traffic and people coming to your website, you cannot do that. So, to put it simply, you need website traffic to survive online.

The idea of setting up a website or a blog is great, but that is only if it is able to serve its purpose. And its purpose is to host people who come to read or buy things from the website. So, for it to be fully functional and meet all your needs, it needs to generate traffic.

How Do You Get Site Traffic?

Now that you have the understanding of web traffic, how do you get website traffic to your blog or site? There are countless number of ways in which one can use to generate traffic to their website. They can be paid or cost free to you. Although most of the free traffic sources require a lot of handy work, it is a good place to start if you are a newbie in the industry or do not have enough budget to buy traffic.

Below are some of the most common ways to get traffic to a website. Whether a website is new or old, these strategies and traffic sources have always proven to work.

Social Media Traffic

Everyone is on social media these days, and as a website owner, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t be there doing whatever it takes to get the much needed traffic. With billions of users across top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is really a huge potential to tap tons of high quality traffic regardless of your niche.

Yet another reason why you may want to consider using social media for traffic is because it can be used for free. Although there is an option to buy traffic for instant and bigger traffic gains, anyone can get started without any investment and grow slowly with time.

Search Engine Traffic

Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines are among the best services that one can use to get information on the web. These search engines have become one of the most important sources of web traffic and the backbone of the web in general. So how does one get traffic from these search engines?

To generate web traffic, you need to optimize your website following a set of search engine algorithms. The search engines recommends and ranks websites through a series of protocols and algorithms to ensure users get the best results. By doing this, you will start seeing growth in your website traffic.

The best thing about using search engines is that it is mostly free. Although it could take sometime to master and generate traffic using this method, the latter results are every rewarding.

Guest Blogging

If you are still new to the internet game, then perhaps you may want to consider guest blogging. This imply means that you will publish articles, guides or posts on other websites and blogs. since you will be leaving a byline with a link to your website, you can always count on getting traffic flowing to your website.

Ding guest blogging entails reaching out to bloggers and asking them to give you access to post on their blogs. If you want better results with guest blogging, you should focus on getting publications on big authority websites that have been around for a while.

There are many other traffic techniques that one can use to build their website audiences and prosperity.

Are All Traffic The Same?

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Traffic aren’t the same and depending on the source, they can get you different results. This is simply because some are more targeted than others. The better the targeting, the better the sales and conversions and that is what most people should be considering.

To know which traffic is right for your website, you need to keep testing the different sources and see which one gets you better results.

How To Track Your Web Traffic

To be able to improve and scale your website, it would be crucial to always keep track of your website performance and have all the details about the traffic flowing to the site.

The best way to track your website traffic is by the use of third party scripts and plugins. After installing these scripts, you can then simply see the traffic inflow and with advanced scripts and plugins, you will also be able to track other measurable metrics like bounce rate and duration on the site.


Web traffic is the lifeblood of every website and a site is useless without it. Shared in this guide are the basics of generating your site traffic and all that you need to know as a beginner.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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