Where To Buy Traffic For Your Website

Where To Buy Traffic For Your Website

Ever bought traffic online and got disappointing by poor results? Worry no more because today in this post, we will cover top traffic sources that have been proven to work. Although it may seem difficult to find these sources for beginners, they exist. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay much to get high quality traffic. In fact, most of the traffic sources we share below are some of the best to get low cost traffic. Without pulling punches, here are 6 high quality sources where to buy traffic for your website.

6 Best Places Where to Buy Traffic For Your Website

Google Adwords

Probably the most common paid web traffic source used by many marketers across the globe. Google adwords is majorly a PPC (Pay Per Click) based ad serving platform. Advertisers place their adverts and then pay whenever someone clicks on their advertisement. Given that there are millions of website hosting in the network, getting traffic is fast and easy.
You can also optimize your advertisements to get targeted visitors depending on your requirements.

The only thing with Google Adwords is that you have to keep up with the competition and continually do tweaks. This means mastering some market competition skills and being metrics focused on the market trends.

Sponsored Social Media Ads

If there is one place that you will never fail to get quality traffic is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest lead the social world with over 1 billion users active on these platforms alone. And that isn’t all. It is possible to target specific visitors based on their interests, browsing history and many more aspects.

How far your ad gets depends on your budget. If you shell out more, then you get more traffic.There is absolutely no limit to the amount of traffic that you can get from social media. You will however need some guidance if you are a complete beginner with social media marketing. You could get in touch with us for traffic advices or pick one of our surefire traffic packages instead.

YouTube Video Marketing

targeted-traffic-bestNot many people take video marketing seriously. Even though statistics show that there is rise in video interactions, few people have journeyed this route. YouTube has been offering paid video promotions which usually appears on user’s screens before or when watching videos online. But what is the quality of the traffic? Multiple tests have shown that video marketing has impressive results as compared to many other forms of marketing.

How do you get started with YouTube video marketing?

The first thing of course is to create a nice video of what you would like to promote. Creating videos nowadays has become an easy walk in the park, thanks to a lion’s share of softwares available. Make your video short and to the point. Next, you can easily upload your video to YouTube and go on to promote it. You should also be keen to do tracking so as to know what works best for you. Although there are other video sites that you could try, it is advisable to start with YouTube since it has high traffic volume than any other out there. Once you start getting good results, scale up and expand on the video creation and marketing.

Buy Sell Ads

Buy Sell Ads or BSA as it is known to most marketing geeks is an online ads broker that acts as the medium between website owners and advertisers.Over the decade, it has grown to become the best media buying ad broker loved by many.  The process of buying your ads is very easy. As an advertiser, you get to view websites from various niches in the marketplace and choose which one you prefer most. You also get to see the various pricing that the web owners are seeking.

Most of the available ad slots range from small sized banners to large skyscraper ad banners. You will also come across other forms of advertisements such as sponsored tweets. Given that you can choose the websites where you get traffic, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you need. You won’t also spend beyond your set budget.


Of course, we couldn’t fail to mention our own web traffic service. But it’s not just marketing guff, but a perfect service used by thousands of marketers. Whether you need geo-targeted traffic, niche based or visitors with any other targeting.

We employ a wide range of marketing verticals harnessing traffic from various sources online and offering them at affordable rates. Think of us as a quality distilled traffic source offering high converting traffic.

But don’t take our word for it. We’ve won accolades for our traffic provision services and have no doubt delivering targeted traffic to any website out there. Needless to say, many webmasters can swear by the quality of the traffic we offer.

Cost Per View (CPV)

CPV as the name suggests is a traffic module where advertisers pay for specific amount of views or impressions (usually 1,000). With CPV traffic, an ad has to be creatively structured in terms of design and context. This is because the number of visitors is relied upon by successive the clicks which irregardless of the click through rate, the cost remains constant. So literally, one could pay $10 to get 200 visitors while another spends the same and gets 10 visitors. One great advantage with CPV is that you can start with a very low budget and grow your visitors easily.

This particular traffic model is perfect if you are focusing on entertainment, gambling viral websites among a few other niches. Some niches perform poorly when it comes to CPV while for others it’s double BINGO.

Final Word:

All the above mentioned paid traffic sources have stood the test of time and if you are looking for where to buy traffic for your website, you are always free to try any of them.

If you are looking for an instant way to channel high quality traffic to your site without competition face-off, then why not try our services today? Given the competitive prices of our packages , getting started is easy peasy.

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