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Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

We all know that a website without web traffic is as useless as vehicle without fuel. In fact, there isn’t much difference in comparison with a business that has no website. So how does one go about the issue of generating high quality web traffic to their website? There are bazillion ways to generate traffic to a website, and depending on the one that you opt to use, the traffic generation will either be simple or hard to execute. Also, considering that there are hundreds of strategies, it is hard for amateur maketers to know which approach to use.

That is why we have created this comprehensive guide to help users who aren’t sure which approach they should be using to get traffic for their website. We focus more on where many people fail and what they need to avoid to start gettin solid results from their marketing.

Which Web Traffic Strategy To Use?

Before delving onto the actual reasons why you are not getting good traffic and conversions on your website, let’s first see why choosing a traffic strategy is crucial.

When you start a website as a beginner, all you are thinking of is how people will start swarming in for your products. However, that is not the case. It is not as simple as one would say it in words. If you want to be a successful internet marketer and generate tons of web traffic, then you have to be ready to face fierce competitors who will stop at nothing to see that you are not in their sight or anywhere close their site in traffic.

With that mindset, you will understand that you need to use the first gear to propel your website. You also need to study some of the best strategies that you need to use. This means visiting blogs and forums to find out what works for you. It goes without saying that not all strategies will work for any website. Some are good for use in some niches while others aren’t worth touching. Having said that, here are some of the things you should avoid to get high quality web traffic that converts.

Your SEO Isn’t On Point

Ask any professional marketer and they will tell you that the best web traffic generation method that you can use is SEO. Surely, SEO isn’t easy, and needs a lot of work before one starts to see results. SEO has become a favorite to many people, and that is because the web traffic you get here is of the best quality. This is because the traffic is well targeted. Everyone who visits a website from the search engine is simply because they are looking for something that they have specifically searched for. Such level of targeting is hard to beat and that is why this is the choice for many internet marketers out here. It is also the same reason why many people will do anything and everything to get a spot in the search engine rankings.

It starts from optimizing your website, which you can do by simply tweaking some on-page factors like keyword density and prominence. There are many other things that you need to ensure are spot on before your on-page SEO is good to go. Next, you have to make sure that other SEO strategies like off-page optimization will deliver good results in the end.

SEO, like any other traffic strategy is very important, and one needs to take it seriously especially if they are counting on it for their traffic generation. Luckily, there are also tons of tools that one can use to weak and optimize their site as well as to study the market and get what they are looking for.

Poor Backlinking Kills Websites

If you have head of SEO then you already know about backlinking. It is very important in the SEO game and also building credibility to you website. Considering that a big fraction of websites online rely on SEO for their regular traffic, you need to rethink your link building strategy and do the best that you can. When we talk of backlinking, it doesn’t just mean that you can go to an SEO marketplace and start buying whatever links comes in front of you.

Backlinking is a double-edged sword which can also kill your website if it is not done properly according to the search engine set algorithms. If SEO was as easy as buying backlinks, then everybody else would be doing it easily and they woul be generating a lot of traffic by jut pressing the button. The reality is different, though. To succeed with the link building game, you have to sort the websites that you will be using for the link building. The websites you get links from will either be of good quality or poor ones. You’ll want to stay away from low quality websites as they will not add much value to your website’s link profile.

You Are Doing Too Much

Most beginners find themselves in a deep hole where they have to keep trying to get themselves out of. While SEO sounds like a strategy that needs a lot of work, it is a waiting game and it demands a lot of patience. You cannot start a website today and hope to get high SEO traffic the next week. It just doesn’t work that way. As much as one would be tempted to do too much at this period, it can end up causing more harm rather than helping to get you solid results from the search engines.

Among some of the things that beginners find themselves overdoing includes doing too much backlinking which can make the search engines to see your website as spam. This will cause your website to even get penalized and this will hinder you from getting ranked top in the search engines. That said, you need to give your website time to rank without doing to much that could instead harm its reputation and rankings in the eyes of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ignoring The Competition

You are not the first in your niche, and that better sink in deep. There is competition in every industry and market, and the best way that you can succeed is to have an understanding to know your competitors are doing so that you can know how to tackle them. There are several ways that you can use to understand and even crush your competitors with a lot of ease. There are lots of softwares and online platforms that one can use to spy and dig up a lot of information on their competitors. These tools and softwares can give you a clear idea of what your competitors are doing to succeed.

As much as it sounds, if you do not spy on your competitors, you will continue to lose and they will continue stealing your traffic. And if you are not spying on them, what tells you that they are not doing that to you? Among some of the things that you could learn from the competitors includes their search engine rankings, the keywords they are bidding on, where they are getting most of their traffic from, among other details.

Failing To Test Kills Your Website

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The next step that many people fail to do is not testing their website landing pages and the performance of different aspects on the site. Although it takes a lot of time to test and come up with an actionable strategy that works, it is really worth the time spent and you will love the results that you get in the end.

So, how does one do testing? There are several ways and methods that can be used to do tests. Among the most known approaches is split testing. Here, you create different variations of the landing page or ad copies and then run them independently to learn which one is better than the other. Usually, this is a tedious process, but knowing and understanding what works better not only helps to get good results in the long run, but it also helps users save a lot in terms of the amount of money they spend. It is a well worthy process, and the best thing about it is that there are tons of tools and appliacations that will help you create and keep track of these pages. That said, you should also consider adding a tracking plugin or extension to your website to help you understand the progress and how it is fairing as compared to previous historical analysis.

Final Verdict

Research shows that of the thousands of websites that start internet marketing every year, only a fraction of them succeed. This is mainly due to lack of information and knowledge to run their internet marketing business. How one chooses to generate traffic to their website is very important, and at the same time can be costly. Hopefully, with this guide, you have gathered enough information on what to avoid to be a successful internet marketer.

However, if it becomes hard on your end, then there is no need to fret. We here at And Web Traffic have been helping thousands of websites to easily generate high quality web traffic to their website. We know that we can help you too get the high quality traffic that is needed to get you solid results and conversions. Go ahead and check out our sales page and choose a package that best suits your website. We will also stop at nothing to ensure that you get good results from your website.

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