Does SEO Guarantee Website Traffic?

Does SEO Guarantee Website Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing and tweaking a website to become search engine friendly. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have a lot of websites in their database. So many such that they needed to create an algorithm to rank websites on their platform. You can imagine a scenario where there are a lot of websites selling pet food, and they all need to be presented on the search engine. It is these set of algorithms that search engine optimization experts study and then come up with an optimization plan. Websites need to appear on the front pages of the search engines where customers and clients can see them. So, does SEO guarantee website traffic? Let us find out in this guide.

The Rules of SEO To Get Website Traffic

Here are some of the rules that you may want to adhere to get website traffic to your website.

Find the right keywords

Keywords is everything when it comes to SEO. Without the right keywords, you have a failed website project. It might not get you the traffic you need.

It is always recommended that one put their focus on long tail keywords when their website is still new. This is because you cannot be able to compete with big websites that have been around longer and those that have superior authority.

Optimize Website For Speed

Nobody likes a slow website. This is something that search engines like Google know and they will do anything to avoid presenting a slow website on their front pages. This means that for you to get a shot at the first page of google, your website should be fast. The faster, the better.

Have On Page factors On Point

SEO optimization can either be on-page or off-page. When it comes to on-page it deals with all the factors on the site and not outside it. This kind of optimization includes optimizing keyword density, keyword on title, keyword prominence among other things. To get website traffic the on-page factors need to be dealt with.

Off Page Optimization

This is the last part of optimization. But it is as important as any other part. Failing with Off page optimization will leave you with a good website that people do not visit. The off page optimization involves building backlinks and other things like social media signals to your website. Most of the people however outsource this section since it is a bit complicated.


Does SEO guarantee website traffic? Yes, proper search engine optimization can guarantee you traffic. Although nobody can gauge the exact amount of traffic, following every optimization approach will help you garner some traffic and get sales in the process.

There is only one notable downside to the SEO game. It takes time to see results. This could be many weeks or months. If you find the entire SEO game to be tiresome, then you may want to consider other viable web traffic sources for your website. Buying traffic for your website is one way that you can get more sales and leads.

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