How to Effectively Increase Web Traffic Through Mobile Marketing

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An elusive straight formula to get traffic to a website could be something amazing and something that eases everything that an internet marketer has ever dreamt of. But regretfully, there is no dial-up formula that will guarantee soaring in traffic and increase in sales. This makes it hard especially for beginners to make a dime online. That shouldn’t be a big worry though. There are some of the proven tactics that you can simply implement on your website and help boost your visibility and increase your web sales. Below are just some of those that you can use to swing your traffic based on mobile marketing;

Create Quick Launch Apps for Your Website

You don’t have to own a multi-million site or online business like Instagram or Facebook to create a custom app for your website. In fact, it only takes a moment to create a seamlessly functioning app for your website, thanks to the many handy softwares that allows you to do this in a few mouse-clicks.

So how does creating an app help you to get more users and customers to your website? Consider an app as a quick bookmarklet which enables you to access a site on the go. A more practical scenario is with you smartphone. If you have a quick launch app on your screen, would you rather click on it or will you go to your browser to start searching for a service online. The obvious thing to do is to click on the app and launch it right away. So, if you have an app and get people to install it, you are sure that they will come back to your website for your products and services.

Tweak Your Responsive URLs

The next thing that you may want to ensue is spot on is how the urls of your website are structured based on the different devices that people will be using. We are living in a world of smart devise that are growing day by day. People use these devices to access the internet and the most important thing that internet markets have to keep in mind is that the platforms used on these sites are displayed differently. The way visitors navigate through you website is very important and could directly affect your ROI. As such, your site not only needs to be responsive, but the urls should also be in line with these devices. This is something that one can simply do with a few line of codes or simple premade scripts. You can also opt to hire a coder to help you do this as it is well worth the investment since you will avoid losing the customers and clients from their devices.

A good example of how a url on a mobile site looks like is; It may appear differently depending on the platform, but that should give you an idea of how it should look when tweaked.

Use Mobile display Ads

Just like the traditional desktop display ads, your site could also benefit greatly should you consider implementing mobile display ads. These are ads that are targeted towards people who use mobile phones to access the internet. With the increasing number of users surfing the web from the convenience of their home and as they move along, you don’t want to miss out on this kind of traffic that could change your online game. Mobile display ads are also a good way to shift away from the competition since the platform could have less advertisers that with the open traditional display ad networks.

Some of the best platforms that you can easily get started with include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With well optimized banner ads on these platforms, you should be getting some serious, high quality web traffic that will translate to good conversions.

Don’t Ignore the Powers Of Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing is an important marketing approach that every serious internet marketer should focus into. If you visit every major shopping platform or an authority blog, you will realize that they are baiting people to their email list. There is however a big problem when it comes to email marketing on responsive platforms. Something that most internet marketers forget is to ensure that their email marketing is well set and made responsive. Most people will make their website responsive but forget to check whether their email software or plugin is responsive. This ends up making the website appear badly and sometimes in cases where people uses pop up email triggers, some users may end up with a blank screen. This means that the users cannot access the website and might not make the sales and commissions that they expected.

To avoid this entire nightmare, you need to make you website responsive but also ensure that your email forms appear perfectly on the site through the different devices that the visitors are most likely to use.

Final Word:

Mobile is the future of the web, and nobody can argue about that. The ever increasing number of people using smart devices to conveniently surf and shop online is impressive and it only benefits those internet marketers who take action and roll with the change. If you have a website online and wish to continue making it stay afloat, then you must use and implement the right strategies to make it both user friendly and easy to shop. With the techniques shared above, you should be getting some handsome amount of traffic to your site. The best thing about it is that they are simple to follow and implement.

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