Pre - Sales

A: Adult traffic is the type of traffic that targets people interested in NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content such as those including pornographic, Nudity, Sex, and others with adult content.
Non Adult traffic is the opposite and is the traffic that is open for viewing by general public and family friendly.

A:  We consider pop ups and pop-unders to be low quality traffic and hence we don not use them as traffic sources. Also many people block these pop ups which makes it a redundant strategy of sourcing traffic.
Instead we focus in driving traffic from authority sites and also from expired domains which are still receiving traffic.

A:  We have several partners such as domain company which owns millions of domains with high quality traffic from the search engines. We purchase these traffic and channel each one of them according to the keyword specifications. This is by far the easiest way to get high quality targeted traffic to your website.

A:  We channel traffic according to the specifications that you set in your campaigns account right after you purchase the traffic. You can easily make your targeting according to location, gender, age and other factors provided in your account. Doing this is just as simple as ticking check-boxes and radio-buttons, so no hard trolls here.

A:   Traffic delivery depends on several factors such as your settings and the volume availability of traffic. So in a nutshell, you should expect the traffic to fluctuate from time to time. At times traffic could pour in thousands and at times in dozens, also depending on the targeting and time.

A:  We have hundreds of customers using our website to promote their affiliate links and we are certain they are making a ROI on that. As long as the affiliate link comes from a website that does not breach our terms and conditions, there is no problem about running affiliate links in our network.

A:  When it comes to the issue of bulk traffic, in simple terms this means unfiltered traffic which aren't specified or targeted to any demographic, gender, niche or age.

A:  Only one URL is allowed per campaign. If you want to promote more than one URL, you will have to make a purchase for each URL. This way it is easier to keep track and statistics about the traffic.

A:  This is perhaps the most confusing term when it comes to the traffic industry. Still not many people aren't able to distinguish between the two. Hits occurs when a file is loaded while a visit is when a visitor or a person visits your page.

A:  Every campaign is assigned a Unique ID and all the real time data are tracked using this ID. You are also able to access the statistics of your campaign to check out the progress by logging in to your account. Your login details are provided after you create an account with us after the purchase.

A:  Never shall we deal with spam traffic. We have a lot of loyal clients and customers who can attest that the traffic they are receiving from us are from real websites. We have built our loyalty around this quality and we cannot change that. We would love the legacy to go on and build more relationships with other website owners.

A:  We have been seeing our clients increasing sales by up to 450% and almost every client that we have worked with has received a positive ROI. If that isn't enough proof, then not even our word can be enough. We don't make any physical proof but the proof is already in the results, so be confident in what we have to offer.


A:  Of course you can do that. As long as you state that in your campaign, so that you cannot target wrong people and also get a good ROI.

A:   We do not promote illegal stuffs and those that aren't friendly to users.
We do not accept websites that features content that breaches the law and may be inciting, discriminating, hateful and anything else that isn't allowed in out TOS. Please check out our Terms and Conditions for more on this.

A:   Our traffic spans from all niches and we display only the major ones. So don't worry if you don't see your niche listed in our categories. Please make a note and include the website URL alongside your purchase and our expert team will handle the rest.


Post - Sales

A:  The counters should be the same. However, in a few cases, the site can be prevented by:

  • poor connections
  • Site downtime
  • Cache errors
  • PC malfunctioning

you should also consider trying out Google Analytics and Statcounter if you prefer to use third party tracking.

A:   that's nothing to worry about. Here are steps to make the correction before the campaign goes live.

  1. Just sign in to your account
  2. Head over to “View Campaigns”
  3. Click on the “Edit Site URL”
  4. Correct the URL and then submit

Please note that there is a $10 fee when the campaign has already gone live.

A:  If you have been in the industry for a while then you already know about rDNS which you know is not really anything reliable at times when it comes to tracking demographics.
Location cannot be tracked using an IP address alone, so if the system you are using is using IP address to track, then it could provide you with some redundant results.
Our system uses several tools and not only one, so we are certain about the demographics of the traffic that we are delivering.

A:  As long as the campaign is in an approval mode, changes can be made for free. Changing the campaign when it has been activated attracts a $10 charge.
also check out the FAQ on correcting wrong URL.

A:  After the traffic is purchased and the campaign starts, traffic will start flowing in immediately.
The traffic may fluctuate especially during the first time the campaign goes live and may be from a few visits to hundreds on the first day.
We guarantee that you will receive your traffic within the specified time although traffic package above 100,000 may take a little more time.

A:  This is something that rarely occurs in our system, but should there be such a case, it could be an issue with targeting. Please let us know in case something like this happens so that we can check if everything is set correctly.