Pre - Sales

A: Adult traffic is traffic directed to websites with adult content such as pornographic sites or any other site offering materials unfit for minors such as sex toys and adult magazines. Non adult traffic is targeted on general sites and has no visitor age limit.

A:  With increase of pop up ads, internet users apply blockers to prevent the pop-ups. We instead use expired domains to get the targeted traffic. By this, we only reach out to users seeking something specific.

A:  We are rendered partners with the largest advertising network that owns millions of expired domains which are brought back through auction. Using the domains previously registered purpose, we are able to get the most relevant and targeted traffic. All this traffic is leased and then directed to our system where it is further filtered and the most relevant to specific clients redirected to advertisers' website.

A:  We are equipped with a geographical targeting system that can help you target traffic depending on which country they are in. We are also hoping in the near future to come up with a system that are very specifics such as target campaigns for certain cities, states, provinces or individuals.

A:   The nature of individual campaign highly determines the number of traffic volume delivered. In traffic delivering there are some good days when you can get thousands of traffic and some bad days where you get just a few. We however assure to deliver the purchased traffic soonest possible.

A:  Of course you can promote your affiliate links on our platform. All you are required to do is create a URL address for affiliate link you want to advertise, specify the category, keywords and products.

A:  Bulk traffic refers to non-targeted or unsorted traffic coming from unspecified sources regardless of niche of interest or origin. Targeted traffic comes from specified areas.

A:  To enhance proper traffic tracking and classification, we allow only one URL per package. If you have many URL's that you want to promote, you will be required to buy different packages.

A:  Any unique guest to your site is refereed to us a visit. A hit on the other hand refers to every time a file is loaded on your website. Unfortunately many fake providers will trick you with fake hits. For us, we rely more on unique visits that hits.

A:  We have real-time data tracker to help you keep a record of the progress throughout the campaign. Once you place an order with us we provide you with login details whereby you can access all your campaign statistics every time you login.

A:  Not Ever! We highly forbid use of banners, spams, spyware or pop-unders to get and direct traffic. We instead offer you legitimate visitors from our redirected visits from a wide advertising network.

A:  Your products on offer and other factors such as your websites UI design highly determines traffic conversion rates and therefore we cannot guarantee you sales increases. We however have clients who can testify doubling their sales after working with us while other have managed just a few sales.


A:  You have the freedom to choose what you want to promote and therefore yes, you can promote adult site with us. We have adult traffic package that you should purchase for that matter.

A:   You need to ensure your website is legal as we only focus on sending content suitable for all viewers. Any website hosting incitement, hateful, illegal or promoting any illegal activities is not allowed in our system. (For more information, visit our TOS page)

A:   We handle traffic for all niches. In order to make it easy for you, we have a display of most popular niches. If this also doesn't help, you can always leave us additional information while making your order and we can help you determine your category.


Post - Sales

A:  The two counters should and display similar results. However at times a difference can occur due to the following reasons;

  • Poor server speed
  • Site can be unavailable
  • Copied cache use
  • Computer malfunction

Try testing your web based counters using Google analytics and StatCounter codes

A:   Relax, you can correct your campaign URL by following the below easy steps.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to “View Campaigns”
  3. Click the “Edit Site URL” link
  4. Change the URL given with the right one and submit

It will cost you $10 to alter the URL of a campaign that is already on-going.

A:  Such differences could be brought about by the fact that rDNS is not 100% perfect in giving the exact geographical location. It is also not possible to determine a visitors exact location using IP address alone and probability is highly used in this case. Most geo-traffic target system use these assumptions and we can only believe our systems gives you the best results even if not perfect.

A:  As long as the campaign is its inactive mode waiting approval, you can change the URL. Once the campaign is activated and you want to change, a charge of $10 applies. (For more information about correcting wrong URL's, visit out FAQ page)

A:  We take 48 hours to process your order after which traffic starts flowing to your site. Usually it starts with a low note and increases with time. What we can guarantee you is delivering the number of requested visitors within the specified time-frame.

A:  This uncommon case only happens if your niche isn't popular among visitors. In very rare cases traffic providers are faced with such a problem. If this happens to you, please understand that we are working hard to ensure we deliver before the campaign expires.