All the terms and conditions, guidelines and terms of service of are included in this private policy. It further outlines all activities carried out by as well as information gathered from other participants. It's aim is to present the following information to the client;

  • Client's personal information collected on your site and how it is used and shared
  • Options the user has in regard to the shared information.
  • Security measure applied to ensure the provided information is not misused
  • Use of cookies by
  • Use of external links on
  • Sharing procedures allowed and available on

Use of collected information

We are the sole owner of the collected information whether given voluntarily or given as a requirement, this includes personal information. The information collected is not for sales or rental.

Private Data

By using our services, you accept and allow us to collect your personal information for our internal uses including contacting you via email, phone calls or any other provided contact information. Signing with us permits us to reserve the right to disclose the information as required by law. We however respect your privacy and do not sell or rent your information to third parties.


We own the right to send you information we regard of interest to you. However, we do not share your information with the public, other users or even our advertisers.

Notification on any Changes

This privacy policy is bound to change at any time. AndWebTraffic will send you notification informing you on any changes.

Access and Control of information by the user

You have the freedom to opt out from our notifications through contacting us either via email or calling us in concern with your information;

  • Confirming any information you have provided us with
  • Updating, changing or confirming the data earlier provided to
  • Requesting us to delete any information we have about you
  • Raising a concern about how we are using your information


To enroll for any of our services, you need to fill in a registration form. In the registration process you are required to provide information such as email, website address and name. We will use this information to contact you if need arises. You also have the option of adding more information such age and gender though not necessary.


To complete your order, you are required to fill in accurate information for billing purposes which includes your name, country and bank account details such as credit card number and expiration date.

Disclosure to 3rd Party

We do not sell, rent, transfer or give customer information to any other company for whatever reason without the customers approval other than for the reason of delivering the purchased product or service.

Security of Private Information

For security reasons, we do not store credit card information in our servers We have secure and encrypted payment system but it does not store any information.


We use cookies to track and identify visitors to a site. This helps us identify new and repeated visits to a website. We also use cookies for login purpose which helps our servers to remember you next time you login.
We do not have control over the cookies we use in our site. It is therefore important to ensure that you do no link the cookies with any personal information. You can decide to either keep the cookies on or off.

Sharing Information with our Partners

We have partners with whom we we provide services with. By signing up for our services, you agree that we will share your website address but not your personal information unless for very special cases.

Use of Email

We use the provided email address only for sending you notifications on update or any other information we deem important to you as a user.

Linking with other sites has links to other websites which have their own terms and conditions. By signing with us, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any practice outside our website. You should therefore read and understand the TOS of those other websites before opening their links.