This Privacy Policy together with the terms and conditions, clauses, rules and regulations on, which includes the Terms of Service (TOS) and purchase agreement governs the use of this website. It helps explain how we handle collected information from our website users and visors in general. It aims to inform the you about:

  • How we collect identifiable information and how it is used and shared.
  • The options that the user has with regards to the collected information.
  • All security measures that are undertakes by AndWebTraffic to safeguard the information.
  • How and why uses cookies.
  • External links that are found on
  • Procedures undertaken and allowable in sharing info.

How the information collected is used

We are the sole owners of all the information that we collect on this website which may include, email and other personal info. We shall not in any way sell or share your information with any other party.

Personal Information uses the information that collects from you to conduct account related errands such as contacting you, informing you about anything with regards to your purchase or available offers. By using our website and doing business with us,you agree that we may use your information this way and may disclose the provided information should the law demand we do so.


We do not share the information provided with our advertisers, just as we do not do with any other third parties. We may however send you notification emails such as offers and updates and anything else that we feel may interest you.

Notification of Changes

AndWebTraffic's privacy policy, TOS and purchase agreement may undergo changes. We make these changes with our sole discretion and on that account, we may contact you notifying you of this unless you ask us not to.

Access to and control of your information

A user may choose to opt out and stop receiving any of our notifications. We may however choose to contact you concerning the following;

  • To do a confirmation of the information on you, if we have any.
  • Make necessary changes to the information that you gave
  • To ask you to allow us to delete the information we have on you.
  • Notify you about how we are using your information.


Filling the registration form is mandatory before you start using any of the services on There are a number of information that are required while registering. These information may include; Name, email address, and website information. This information will be used to contact you and to help us serve you better with regards to the use of our services. You may also opt to provide more information on the fields which are not mandatory.


Before completing your purchase, requires that you complete filling the information on the provided form. Some of the information required to process the purchase includes name, country and other financial information such as the credit card number and its expiration date. This information is used in completing the purchase and for contacting you in case of an issue with the payment.

3rd Party Disclosure

The information provided to us by you shall not in any way be shared or sold to any other third parties without your consent and approval. This is regardless of whether it is a public or a private entity.

Private Information Security

To enhance safety and keep your monetary information as private as possible, we do not store credit card information or payment info in our database. Our processors keeps the information encrypted during the transactions and the info is discarded after the processing.


cookies are small data bit which are stored in bytes in a user's browser. These cookies help in serving users better with content. AndWebTraffic uses cookies majorly to serve users better during login sessions and while making transactions. Cookies helps avoid the extra work of having a user login every time they open a page during the same session. cannot control how it's business partners and associates use cookies. It is also important to note that these cookies are in no way linked to the user's account information. Using cookies is also optional and one can choose to disable them on their browser under the preference settings.

Sharing user's info with our Partners

By using our services and making deals with us, you agree that has partners whom it may sometime share some public information such as your website URL. Personally identifiable information remains private and confidential and we do not under any circumstances share these information.

Email Usage

We may periodically send you information using the email address(es) that you provide to us while placing the order or during registration. The information that we send you may include news, updates, and/or related product or service information, etc.

Links to Other Sites, like any other website has links to other website. The links may be to our partners, business associates, recommendation sites, advertisers and any other sites. It is important that you realize that we do not have control over the other websites and you are advised to read their terms and conditions and their privacy policy to see whether you agree with them before using the website. This applies even if we recommended the website link on