Terms of Service


The services provided through AndWebTraffic are subject to the Terms of Services of this website. We may or may not notify you or the public about any major or minor update of these Terms of Service. These updates are made under the sole discretion of AndWebTraffic. Services posted by our partners or by Us are governed by the provided purchase agreement. Such purchase agreements are incorporated to these TOS.

Service Description

Some of the thins provided under AndWebTraffic.org includes: web traffic generation and targeting tools, online shopping services, Brand management, Programming services, among other related internet marketing services. All of these services can be accesses through a variety of mediums and devices. By getting into an agreement with us, you also acknowledge that advertisements may come in as part of the services. Communication and receiving notifications, administrative messages and announcements may also constitute part of these services which you will be receiving from us. All the services and information provided by AndWebTraffic.org is provided "as is" and we cannot be held liable for non-deliveries, discarding of communication info and other information in the user's account. Any other service beyond our control is something that we cannot be held liable for and you are responsible for everything else. By agreeing to use our services, you agree that you are of 18 years and above if you will be accessing such content. However 13 years is the age to access and use AndWebTraffic.org.

Registration Obligations

In order to make purchases and perform transactions on this website, yuo agree that you are of legal age. Otherwise the contract made will not be binding. You also agree that:

  • All the information that you give us is accurate, updated, true as requested through the registration form.
  • To keep the information provided up to date, true and complete as they should.

By getting into a contract with us, you agree that AndWebTraffic.org may under it's sole discretion, terminate, delete or suspend your account if found to be incomplete, untrue or inaccurate.

Privacy Policy

The information used during registration concerning you as requested should comply with the provisions of this website. You should acknowledge that your information usage and sharing is as provided in AndWebTraffic.org's privacy policy

Membership Accounts

After registration, each and every user is provided with a unique password that is generated by the system. The password is not known to anyone. Upon receiving the password, the user is responsible for the confidentiality of that account password and it should not be shared with anybody or any other party. You should (a) Let AndWebTraffic.org know immediately in case of a breach to your user account (b) You should log out of your account after every session. We sill not be responsible for losses and damages incurred due to breach of your account or loss of password.


It is important to also note that we may not have control over the content posted in some public area of this website. The reliability and the accurateness of the information may not be confirmed and it is the responsibility of the originator. We therefore cannot guarantee the integrity, accurateness or quality of that content. Also please note that you may encounter content which is indecent, offensive, or objectionable on our site.
By agreeing to get into a contract with AndWebTraffic.org, you also agree that you will use our website, submit and share content and act in a way that does not harm, or affect others negatively.

Submitted Content

We will never claim ownership of the content that you and other users submit to our website. However by submitting and joining into an agreement with us, you grant us permission to share, distribute and use the content in ways that benefits us.

Contributions and Feedback

Any contributions that you make as well as those that are made automatically becomes our property and we choose how we use them. We may use this information, distribute and share with others as AndWebTraffic.org feels and in a way that we feel is of beneficial to us.


AndWebTraffic may choose to terminate, suspend or penalize your account is it feels that it's TOS, and guidelines have been breached. This may happen with or without your consent at any time. the termination may occur because; you have violated our TOS (b) of evident fraud (c) Defaulting dew payments.

Limitation of Liability

As applicable by the laws, we as AndWebTraffic.org, our affiliates, staffs, partners, agents, licensors, associates and other accomplices to our company cannot be held liable for any losses and damages which may have resulted from improper use of our services, inability to reach your goal with our services, costs incurred from the use of our services, unauthorized access or breach of your account by other users or parties (This includes hacking and any other similar issues). We shall also not be liable for any losses that arise which we do not have control over.

General Entire Agreement

should there be any other prior agreements made between you and AndWebTraffic.org, it is important that you realize that these TOS supersedes any of them. It is also important to realize and note that for some other services, there could be other applicable purchase terms.

Purchase Agreement

Any purchases made on the AndWebTraffic.org's website or via our partners falls under the Terms and conditions of this website, it's policies and purchase agreements.


Please report to us any breach or violation of the TOS by getting in touch on our contact page.