Our Terms of Service


We are governed by Rules and policy that only we have the right to change without any prior warning. All terms, provisions and instructions are as per out TOS and any other service provide either by us or our partners are subject to the provided guidelines.

Description of Service

We offer wide range of products and services including traffic generation tools, traffic analysis tools, shopping services, customer content, programming services among others which are provided through any networking medium. Agreeing to our ToS binds you to receiving our advertisements, receive communication or administrative messages which come as a service. You also acknowledge and accept the services "AS-IS" and accept that we are not responsible for any failed delivery, deletion or failure to secure your account in the profile settings section. You have full responsibility of accessing your account which may include third party fee payment and we are in no way going to be held liable. Some of our websites may contain adult content and it is a requirement you confirm that you are above 18 years of age to receive such explicit content. Otherwise, all other content is available to all users who are at least 13 years old.

Registration Requirements

To access our products and services, you acknowledge that you are of legal age and you are not prohibited by the law to to access our services. By registering with us, you agree to abide to our terms of service

  • That all information provide to us is true and as required in our service registration form
  • To always keep updated and true information on our website.

You accept that has the right to either suspend, delete or terminate your account in case we find the information provided to be untrue.

Privacy Rule

Your provided registration information is subject to our privacy policy. By using our services, you acknowledge our use, processing and/or storage of this information

Member Account

You have full responsibility of keeping your account login information private after you have successfully registered with us. You are solely accountable for any activity that happens to your account and AndWebTraffic will not be held responsible. You have the responsible to; (a) notify us in case you suspect a breach into your account (b) logout you account after every session. We cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from ignorance of the above


Any provided information publicly or privately is deemed responsible of its source. We have no control over content posted to your site by other parties and we cannot assure its transparency of security. By signing up with us, you acknowledge that you may at times be exposed to offensive, indecent or questionable content.
You acknowledge to use our website services in a way that you won't infringe other peoples rights, have negative impacts or promote anything illegal.

Presented Content have no right of ownership on any content you provide to us. You however give us the right to modify or distribute it with or without modifications in ways that may benefit us.

Input and Responses

You agree that any input that you make becomes our property and we (Andwebtraffic) may use it any way we want to benefit us. You also admit that you are not necessarily entitled to any payment in case of such a case.


You admit that we have the power to cancle your account from receiving our services due to any of the following reasons; (a) encroachment of out TOS (b) deceitful practices (c) failure to pay any due fees

Liability Restriction

In regard to the law, you acknowledge that we are not liable for any damages, losses, profit or any other consequences that may occur even if we had prior warning of possibility of such happening. These result but not limited from (a) improper use of our services (b) cost of purchase of goods and services which require you provide data or information (c) use of unauthorized or altered data (d) information provided by a third party regarding our services (e) any other service related matter

Fully Generalized Agreement

This TOS replaces any other agreement you might have made with regardless of the service. Other terms and conditions may also apply when you buy other services with us.

Sales Agreement

Any business carried out with is bound by our terms and conditions. You agree to all our terms and services once you commit to receiving any kind of service from us in exchange for monetary value.


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