How To Get High Quality Social Media traffic Instantly

social media traffic

How much traffic are you getting from social media sites? If you are looking for ways on how to boost your website traffic then social media is definitely one that you need to consider. Many websites including big corporations and news publisher sites use social media to get traffic every single day. But how do they do it? What different approach are they using that other makers are not using? In this guide we will go through some actionable social media traffic strategies that you can easily implement and have the site generate tons of high quality traffic without any hassles. They are also easy to get started, so any beginner can get started with them easily.

Use The Right Social Media Triggers

There are many ways that you can engage your visitors and make them be a part of your website growth. Even if a visitor isn’t buying a service from you, they can lead to your success in one way or the other. How you set social media triggers on your site will make a difference and can boost the rate at which social media sites sends in traffic to your website. Social media triggers start from how you optimize and place sharing buttons on your website. They should be placed in a way that will entice the audience to click and share content easily. This means placement location is important and you need to put much consideration and testing to see which location is best to do this. The type of button also matters and you need to test how different social sharing buttons work. Also asking the visitors to share the content could increase the visibility of your content easily.

Trade Social Media Reactions For Content

Locking content with social media is yet another thing that internet marketers have adopted and used to increase their social media traffic easily. In the past, people used to lock content for email opt-ins but there is even better results and opt-in rate with the use of social media lockers. So how does the social media lockers work? There are a number of plugins and applications that you can access online which will help you create these social media lockers. When you lock content, it doesn’t get revealed to the reader until they either share it or follow you though social media. This is a way to boost your social media following and content visibility, and you will see lots of reaction and traffic coming to your site depending on the demand of the content that you are locking. If it is a rare type of content such as market research, or a study that is relevant in your niche, then people will do anything to access it and sharing it or following you on social media is something that is easy for you to do.

You can try different twists on this marketing strategy and you can come up with tons of ways to woo people into sharing and following your site on social media which also means that you will have long term traffic.

Host Contests & Competitions

Social media contests are on the rise and becoming common than ever before. This is because many webmasters are realizing that there is a lot of social media traffic to harness from the effortless marketing. Imagine thousands of people competing for a single product that is highly demanded and only one of them will get it. Wouldn’t that create a buzz? Of course it will, and this is the idea of creating these competitions. So how does social media contests and competitions work? The idea is to create competitions that will get shared by more and more people and in return you award the person sharing the most. This way, you will be using the help of your audience to create tons of traffic from the viral effect.

And creating these contests isn’t as hard as most people might think. It just takes a few minutes to set up an online contest, thanks to many applications that makes work easier. Some applications such as rafflecopter which are embedded on social media platforms like Facebook makes the process of creating contests much easier.

Use Influencer Marketing

social media trafficIf you are not using influencer marketing then you are missing a lot. Among the best internet marketing strategies that are gaining traction is influencer marketing which is used by both small businesses and also big sites. Influencers are all over in every niche and they are a very effective marketing medium if you reach the right ones to help you share your content with their followers. If you still don’t know what is influencer marketing or how it works then it is simply a process of reaching out to industry leaders asking them to help you share content or product with their followers. Since these influential people have a huge follower base, your content or product will be put in front of thousands of people who could end up being potential buyers and leads. One of the most important thing to keep in mind with influencer marketing is to make sure that you are reaching out to people on your niche and those who have lots of followers.

Final Word:

Social media remains one of the bets sources of high quality traffic, but that can only happen when you know what you are doing. Picking the right strategy and implementing it is usually the big challenge that most people have a problem with. With the strategies outlined above, you can easily implement and start getting tons of traffic instantly, depending on your efforts. Any beginner can also implement them since they are easy and require no prior experience.

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