How To Get Paid Adult Traffic

Are you in the lucrative adult industry? The adult industry is best known as one of the oldest niches in the world, dating back thousands of years, yet today it still remains one of the best.  but it is always important to keep in mind the fact that getting results from your website doesn’t always come easy. To get good traffic that will get you results, you need to know what to do and what you should avoid to get what successful marketers are getting. Among the best ways that you can drive high quality traffic to your site includes some paid traffic as well as free traffic sources. In this guide, we will go through some of the best paid traffic that yo can get and how to make them work for your website. Here they are;

Best Adult Paid Traffic Sources

Here are some of the best ways that you can get paid adult traffic and boost your site performance, sales and conversions.

Juicy Ads

Juicy ads is one of the best adult paid traffic sites that you will come across online. the network has expanded broadly and has tons of publisher websites that help them to distribute their advertisement by reaching out to millions of customers. Juicy ads focuses more on working with publishers who have websites that have adult content and this makes it laser targeted for anyone looking for this kind of traffic. Even better, you can expand into better targeting inside the adult traffic and you could end up with smaller and more targeted group which means that you will get better results in the process.

Juicy ads is a good place for beginners and professionals alike since they have a massive reach and the platform is straightforward and easy to use. If you are looking for a good place to start, then Juicy ads is a very good place to start getting paid adult traffic to your website fast.

Sponsored Banners

Another approach that you can use to get paid adult traffic is by seeking sponsored banner posts which is a good approach especially for beginners who have little idea of how the industry works. It will also help yo avoid lots of competition since you can simply reach out to the website owners and once the ad has been placed, there is no competition to worry about. Your success with this approach will all depend on the website authority and the amount of traffic that the particular website is getting. The more authoritative and powerful the website you are working with, the better in terms of traffic flow.

Finding a site that offers the sale of ad spaces is sometimes a big problem though. You need to spend some time finding potential sites and keenly checking them out to be certain that they will be beneficial to you website. You need to focus on established sites that  have grown their traffic base and follower base.


Exoclick is yet another paid traffic source that many users are using. It takes an almost similar model as Juicy Ads and there are different ad campaign modules that one can choose to use. The site also gets a lot of publishers from forums to adult niche sites which help to expand the reach. You can adopt a PPC module where you pay for every click and visitor that comes to your site or decide on other traffic means which could include, pay per impression (PPI) which is also a good module but more advanced. Whichever option you choose, these traffic are usually targeted and will get you results that you need.

To be good at it however, you have to practice and know which approach gets you better results and this is something that all of us have to be keen on. Exoclick is an excellent site that will help anyone get a better taste of the adult paid traffic world the easy way. Many people have also attested having good results from the use of this website.

And Web Traffic

seoHere at And Web Traffic, we have been serving tons of adult traffic to thousand of websites and we ensure that our clients are getting the best traffic to help them get their money’s worth. Like many other traffic vendors, the process of getting traffic from us is simple and one just needs to sign up, pay and set up their advertisements to their needs. Setting up the advertisement campaigns is as easy as placing your target keyword, deciding the target audiences and after, you start seeing a rise in your traffic graphs.

Our traffic is sourced from different highly targeted sources including niche magazine sites, expired domains among other sources. We  ensure that our traffic is sourced from only targeted sources so that our clients get the best result from them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a reason to come back for more.

Final Word:

Traffic is the backbone and blood of every successful website. It is just like a shop which only makes profit when customers are flocking in. The more customers and visitors get inside the shop, the more they will get in terms of money and profits. Traffic works in the same way. However, with the rise of scams and bots that are used to make traffic-like actions that can be sent to websites, it is becoming harder than ever before to get quality traffic that brings conversions, sales and leads. This is something that webmasters should be really keen to avoid wasting and spending money where they will get get a return on their investment.

With the paid traffic sources shared above, you can be sure to get some quality traffic that will get you good results in the end. They have been proven to work over and over and there is no reason why they wouldn’t work for your sire if you have set the campaigns as they should and followed every step to the letter.