Why Am I Getting Traffic But No Sales

getting traffic but no sales

Are you getting traffic but no sales and wondering what you are doing wrong? First of all, this is not a rare subject but more common than you may think. It has been recorded that only 10% of online businesses survive. The rest do not make it to the top. But why is this? It is simply because webmasters have not mastered the art of getting website traffic to their websites. Not getting website traffic means that you will not get sales.

In the online world, you have to generate traffic to see conversions. It is just like in the real world where you have a situation where you have a shop that receives no visitors. And with that in mind, you need to understand and know how to generate traffic if you are to ever succeed in the internet game. So, what could be the issue if you are getting traffic but no sales?

Getting Traffic But No Sales

Here are some of the probable issues that could be on your site if you are getting traffic but no sales.

Poor Quality Traffic

Traffic is not always the same. So, do not assume that you can just send any kind of traffic to your website and expect to get sales and conversions. There is good quality and poor quality traffic. You need to make sure that the source of the traffic you are getting is legit and of good quality. Some web traffic sellers over the internet just pull traffic from different sites and channel them all in bulk to your website. Such an arrangement may sound good to a beginner, but it will prove to be otherwise.

Non-Targeted Traffic

Not only should you look at the quality of traffic, but you also need to make sure that it is targeted. This could be another reason that you are getting traffic but no sales to report. What is targeted traffic? This is traffic that is channeled from relevant sources within the same niche. Imagine having to get traffic from a fashion blog and your own gardening. Of course, you will be reaching out to the wrong audience. And this better explains why you need to only focus on targeted traffic that is related to your website.

Poorly Optimized Landing Page

Sometimes it is not the traffic that is the problem. Getting traffic but no sales could also be attributed to the landing page where people are going. You need to make sure that the page is well-optimized and ready to sell. This starts from the content on the landing page to the elements such as Call To Action and page speed. Everything should be put on if you are to ever make a sale.

Shared above are some of the reasons why you could be getting traffic but no sales. You should also consider getting high-quality website traffic from us. We offer affordable website traffic that is guaranteed to make a difference.