How To Drive Traffic To Your Website = Top Traffic Sources

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website = Top Traffic Sources

If you think that after creating your website, you can start seeing people coming to your website right away, then you are dead wrong. Designing and putting your website up is just half the battle. There is more that is needed of you which you are expected to do. In this guide, we will show you how to drive traffic to your website the easy way without having to break a sweat. These are the same approaches that top industry experts use to generate high quality traffic to their own websites. And as you know by now, gettign website traffic means that you get more sales and conversions.

Top Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Let’s get started with the simple web traffic generation strategies that are sure to get you the desired results.

Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the backbone of the internet. They keep a database of frequently refreshed data on all the websites across the web. In their database, they serve users who search their platform to find information and do their shopping. It has become a norm to use these search engines to find anything online.

From a website owner’s perspective, it would mean that getting ranked top means you get more website traffic. And that is something you should be asking yourself. So, how do you drive traffic to your website from the search engines?

In a process called Search Engine Optimization, you need to optimize the website to follow a certain set algorithm. This will ensure that you get better positioning and have better chances of Google and other search engines placing your site at the top.

Social Media

There is absolutely no doubt that social media is the place to be. There re billions of people on these platforms who are active every day. These are people of all ages, class and varied interests. The top 3 social platforms alone are a host to over 2.5 billion users and if you play the game right, then you will surely reap big with social media. Almost, if not everybody with a smartphone or a computer has a social media account and more than half being very active. This can only mean one thing for webmasters and internet marketers: more website traffic.

It is advisable to join at least two social media platforms and learn how their system works and then start marketing your website. There is always a way to break through and drive traffic to your website. Although approaches varies with the different social media platforms.

Paid Targeted Traffic

The two approaches shared above are free to use. Unless you are paying someone for the service of marketing through those platforms. This is the process that involves buying ad spaces across different platforms. The platforms can range from social media to search engine ad spots. For instance Google offers a bidding system where users can buy ad spaces by competing with others by bidding. This is mostly in the for of CPC (Cost PEr Click), a system where one pays for when people click and visit their website.

Besides direct marketing, another approach that you could employ within the paid traffic marketing is to use retargeting.


Both of the free and paid traffic approaches shared in this guide are very efficient and tested. Paid traffic is a viable and quick way to drive traffic to your website if you know how to go about it. We advise that you do more research and learn about this to avoid losing money.

You may however opt to use a Done For You paid traffic approach such us our web traffic packages.