How to increase traffic on Instagram

How to increase traffic on Instagram

Are you wondering how to increase traffic on Instagram? Is so, then you are not alone! And in this guide, we will go through the nitty gritty to help you better understand the rocket science of winning the Instagram traffic acquisition game.

There are a lot of brands and companies that have gone to the lengths of tracking social media comments and performance metrics such as shares, saves, Instagram stories views and even DMs (Direct Messages) to understand how they’re performing. Luckily it is not that hard as you might think!

Here, we are sharing some best ways on how to increase traffic on Instagram fast and effectively.

Know Your Audiences

It is difficult to make the best content if you do not know who you are making it for. The demographics of your target viewers will assist define the type of content you need to post, your product, company, or service voice, and even what times and days to publish.

For instance, a fashion brand company targets audience with a bold sense of humor – both product offering as well as the tone of its posts reflect that.

Maintain Top Authenticity

On the social medial platform, it is better to be relatable and honest than perfectly polished. Always share content that goes beyond your slick marketing plan to introduce the real viewers and experience behind your product or service. And that might mean posting behind the acts in Instagram story, write a description that reveals a bold sense of humor, and taking ownership of any mistakes.

This means share by a practical wedding garnered tons of comments and shares from an audience we found the less than right joke about wedding culture very relatable.

Audiences appreciate honesty much more than perfection… after all, don’t you?

Try Different Contents

Instagram started as a very simple place to share images. But has evolved considerably since then. You currently have videos, stories, ads, a carousel, and highlights. And by the time passing you read this, there are probably even many more options.

It now makes no sense to turn out similar content, day after day. Your posts will feel weary and remembered, the robots wish to see you utilize the whole application! One major stat that might ease you: Video contents have far better engagement rates than carousel or image posts.

And while you cannot turn out only video content (this would be boring also difficult to push off), it pays to utilize video here and there to retain your Instagram content more interesting.

  • Check out analytics

If you do move to a business profile, you will have access to a complete heap of analytics to assist you to enhance your Instagram performance.

These include:

  • Gender of followers
  • Follower locations
  • To check which post worked great

If you take your Instagram seriously, these sorts of insights can be crucial to increase Instagram traffic.

Use Strong Captions

A photo is worth a thousand words, but these words are… also worth a thousand words. Captions in Instagram can be up to 2,200 characters in limit and up to 30 plus hashtags. Use them!

Good captions add context as well as showcase your account’s personality.

For instance, Nike tells a compelling story with its captions and asks its followers to share their personal stories in the comments. This is a great way to get traffic to your Instagram profile.

Use Instagram Stories Regularly

A lot of this comes from changes to the entire powerful algorithm. No longer sequential, the platform prioritizes certain posts in the user’s feed for a complete host of reasons. And there are no major reasons to think that is going to change. But one technique that you keep your posts at the top of your audience’s feeds is to focus on regular posting Instagram stories.

They are right there at the peak!

So even if you users do not find your ports in their feeds like they used to, very hopefully they will spot it up there.

Perhaps importantly, Instagram stories look different, a bit feels different, and provide you the chance to engage in several ways. Since they just last 24hrs, you can afford to be further relaxed and personal that’ll appeal to some users in a better way.

Plus, a few users simply love viewing Instagram stories much more than their feed. So you can be there for those where they love to find you, and still have the best content in your feed for anybody else.

Go live

Using live stream in Instagram is the best way to connect directly to new users, share build engagement, and share news. More than 80 percent of audiences would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. Provide them what they want!

With a live stream, you can answer questions on the spot, welcome new viewers by name, and generally welcome your viewers into your world in an engaging way. You can also develop e-commerce viewers with Instagram’s new live shopping feature if you are so inclined.

Be Keen On Audiences Community

Great social medial and marketing to increase traffic is a two-way exercise. You cannot just post regularly and hope your post will increase traffic on your Instagram. You’ve a much better option of reaching your audience in a meaning full ways – as well as finding new ones – if you know what is important to the viewers.

You can monitor captions, conversations, and comments on Instagram.

The advantages:

  • Tailor your content to what your audience matters
  • Know your followers better
  • Track wider conversation around your profile and seem for new well-known trends
  • Find related hashtags, and see how everyone utilize your branded tags

Keep Experimenting

You will never find out what works great for your profile until you test, measure, and tweak. The charm of social media is that it is made for experimentations.

If something works great, you know pretty fast, if it’s a flop, lessor learned with a slight risk.

So always get creative… just ensure to keep a close look at your metrics to truly see the impact of your big ideas.

Final Word

Realize that your Instagram journey never ends. While it might sound a bit demanding, your profile is like your company – an enterprise that is regularly growing and evolving while forging ever deeper connections with its audiences. By following these ways on how to increase Instagram traffic, you can boost your engagement and keep those shares, likes, and comments coming.

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