How to Increase Targeted Web Traffic Naturally

targeted web traffic

If you have been a webmaster or have been sky-locking in the Internet marketing scene for a while then you must have understood how targeted web traffic is important to an online business. Without web traffic there is absolutely no business. Today there are countless ways to get traffic to a website.
Increase Targeted Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!
You can either troll your way up and down or pay for it. There is however something that everyone ought to know with the traffic regardless of the way that they choose to get them. The most important thing is to always focus on targeted traffic. Without targeted traffic, one may not get sales or conversions on their offers. In this write-up we will look at how to increase targeted web traffic naturally without undergoing the hard trolls.
There are two most common ways that one can get natural high converting traffic. Either one make their way through the search engines or get some relationship ties through the social media traffic. Of course there are other traffic methods such as the PPC (Pay Per Click) or PPV (Pay Per View) which are paid, but we all know that the sweetest things are always free. Search engines and social media traffic are the two best known means to get quality traffic for free.Here is the breakdown on how to increase the traffic through the two methods;

Search Engines

seoPerhaps focusing on search engines is the most sophisticated and promising way in which one can get continuous long term traffic as compared to other methods. Marketing through the search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO) which is the natural way in which people search for things they want organically. Optimizing a website to appear on the top pages of the search engines makes it easy for the searchers to land on the website. It is also considered the most stable traffic means and webmasters are always on the chase to get their pages to rank better. Learning and keeping up with the search engine algorithmic changes may be difficult or time consuming especially for people who are new to it. The benefits and the fruits are however promising since the traffic is always evergreen and lasts for long without requiring much fueling. This fact makes the whole hard game of optimizing and sticking to the changing trends worthwhile learning.

The search engine optimization process has two phases namely “on-page optimization” and the “off-page optimization”. On-page optimization deals with the structuring of website content and the website friendliness to the search engines while the off-page part involves the websites inter-relationship to other websites. The off-page is the critical part in the process where a website is expected to have positive influential signals which the search engines consider as vote-up to the site. Both of these are the things that one needs to know if they are looking to rank a website and take advantage of the organic and natural traffic. If you have ever had doubts on whether to invest in search engine optimization for your online business, then you better stick to it and join the millions of webmasters who have made fortunes through the power of search.

Social Media Traffic
Social media websites are on the rise and there are millions of people who are either in one social site or the other. Being in a social media site is considered a prestige and a way of life in today’s world. Since it is a clear fact that these people are social, webmasters and Internet marketers have seen a way to pop in and present their online business to the millions of people.
Some of the leading social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of millions of people who are always active. If you have an online business and wondering how to increase targeted traffic naturally through the social media, then this could be your chance to get easy free traffic and boost your conversions. There is one big advantage that comes in handy with the use of social media as a source of natural web traffic; it is simple to learn the track and win traffic to your site. The special ingredient with social media is that it has the potential to explode and go viral. This means that even if you share a link to your website to a few dozens of people, it could go far and yield thousands of targeted web traffic to your website. Social media traffic is common in every website regardless of whether small or big and if you would like to increase targeted web traffic, this is a MUST.

Search Engine Optimization Vs Social Media Traffic

Both search engine optimization and social media traffic are the two of the most common traffic means that every website is looking forward to get natural traffic. The two are different in the way they are executed and slightly different in the way they perform.
Search engines are higher in conversion rate as compared to the social media traffic since they are more targeted and one can also focus on optimizing for buyer keywords which guarantee more conversions. However that should not be seen as a caveat on the social media as it too has something special which the search engines doesn’t offer. Social media having the ability to take things viral means that it offers extended exposure which could eventually bring in more conversions.

Another difference is with mastering them. While learning to squeeze traffic from social media is pretty simpler as compared to mastering the art of search engine optimization, the SEO is considered an autopilot traffic stream. With search engines it is all about optimizing a site to rank on the top pages and then leaving the traffic to flow daily without having to do any more hard work.

The merits and demerits in both of the traffic methods are things that people can learn as they go and both methods are fortune builders. It is all up to one to choose either to work with the easy to learn social media traffic techniques or to go with the long term evergreen search engine optimization drill. All the same they are the two guaranteed ways that answers one’s quest on how to increase targeted web traffic naturally without raising a finger.