Online Marketing To Make Money Without A Website

Making Money Online Without A website

Are you just getting started or want to get into internet marketing and make money without a website? Is that even possible? While in many cases, one will always need a website to get started with internet marketing, it might not be necessary. There are many people across the web doing internet marketing successfully without a website. So, it is possible. But you ask how?

There are many online offers that one can delve into and make a killing without having to actually own a website. The only explanation as to why many people are not doing this is probably because many do not know. Or maybe because people choose other website-based marketing. But all in all, it is possible to make it big online without having to actually own a website.

Do You Need A Website To Do Online Marketing?

As aforementioned, there is no need to own a website to do online marketing. And in this guide, we will look at some of the possible ways that one will be able to make money without owning a website.

Make Money Without A website

Here are some of the most popular ways that you can use to make money without a website.

Social Media

With social media, you get to enjoy tons of free traffic and exposure. With this traffic, you can share links that will lead to offers and affiliate products which you can make money in the process. This is something that many people have been doing for a long and there is no reason why you shouldn’t too. Join some of the top social media platforms and start right away as it doesn’t need any investment.


YouTube is yet another place where you can make money without a website. You can simply create a video promoting something and when someone clicks on a link or follow the video, they get to earn you money in commission. To get started, you need to stay in front of a camera or at least use some of the video editing tools to come up with a descriptive video reviewing what you are marketing. Other than that you are ready to go and most things will be easy.

Answer Websites

While you can be helpful in Question and Answer websites and forums like Quora, you could also slot in links to affiliate offers and products. This will in turn earn you commissions. This is a less-known technique that many people are not utilizing. You could jump into it and start making bank.


While there are obviously free methods of making money without a website such as freelancing, you can actually do online marketing the same way and make it big. Shared in this guide are just but a few known ways of making money with online marketing without a website. The only thing you need is a good amount of website traffic.

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