Paid Traffic To Avoid & Why

paid traffic to avoid

Traffic is essential for a website’s survival, but there is some paid traffic to avoid when you want to succeed online. Some paid traffic will be a problem and one would rather be without them. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the paid traffic to avoid. This should help you to save your precious time and hard-earned money as you focus on what works.

Imagine not knowing the traffic to buy and you just end up pumping thousands of traffic only to see that there are no results to show for it.  This is something that many beginners in the digital marketing space have had to deal with. The good thing is that we will touch on the sensitive things to avoid here.

Paid Traffic To Avoid For Better Success

Here are soe of the paid traffic to avoid if you want to thrive in the advertising game over a long time.

Generic (Untargeted) Traffic

The first paid traffic to avoid is one that is generic and not targeted at a specific audience. If you just buy any kind of traffic, even if you are certain that they are human traffic, you might not get anything to ever sell. This is simply because for one to sell and find true value in their advertising, there has to be a targeting aspect. Getting traffic that is not targeted is like trying to sell spare parts in a vegetable market.
You are not reaching out to the right audiences. So, be sure that when you buy traffic, you do laser targeting based on interest, location, and age among other things. This will guarantee you better results.

Dirt Cheap Traffic

Another type of traffic that you should be so keen on and avoid rushing for is those that are selling for dirt cheap prices. You need to ask yourself where that traffic is coming from. It takes a big deal and effort to generate traffic. So, if someone is selling them for pennies on the dollar, you need to be careful. Among some of the dirt-cheap traffic are those that are made using bots. Such kind of traffic will not get you any kind of results. And with that said, you need to be careful about the traffic you get to your website. As they say, cheap is expensive.

Unknown Sources

Another thing that you’d want to be sure of is the source of traffic that you are getting. A good web traffic provider should be able to let you know the kind of traffic that you are getting and where they source it from. Not all traffic will get you results. And with that fact, you need to make sure that you are not wasting your time and money on something that is of poor quality.

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