Social Media Vs SEO Traffic

Social Media Vs SEO Traffic

Are you wondering how social media and SEO traffic compares? Well, knowing which one is better can help you make an informed decision on the direction that you should be taking. Both social media and search engines like Google and Bing are good sources of high quality traffic. But there is always that one which comes on top of the other and in this guide, we will be comparing these two web traffic acquisition strategies.

As long as people are going to be using search engines like Google and Bing to find anything they want on the web, the search engine optimization space will remain relevant and a go-to strategy. If you ask any digital expert what the best online marketing strategy is, then they are sure to bring up SEO traffic as one of the best. But social media traffic is also a good source worth considering that there are billions of regular users on these platforms. With a well-laid plan, you should be able to get some high quality social media traffic to your site with this. So which is better between SEO traffic and Social media traffic?

SEO Traffic Vs Social Media Traffic

When deciding on whether you should focus on Social media traffic or  SEO traffic, there are a number of things one must look into. Shared below are some important ones.

Efficiency & Performance

Efficiency of traffic is very important. This is because the traffic you get to your website or landing page should reflect your efforts. If the traffic is not good enough, then the results will not be good as well. With that said, which one is better between social media traffic and SOE traffic? Well, as compared in terms of efficiency, SEO traffic tends to be much better.


SEO traffic is better targeted as compared to getting free social media traffic. This is simply because, as someone searches for something on the internet, they are led to a website that offers the same exact thing that they are looking for. On the other hand, social media content can go viral but one cannot get specific types of traffic. When you have better targeting, you will get better conversion on your content. And in that case, SEO traffic is more superior and should be of high consideration here.

Long Term Vs Short Term Traffic

Another way that you can look at SEO traffic as compared to that of social media is by looking at the results in terms of how long you are able to get it. SEO traffic is long term while social media traffic is a short-term strategy. Perhaps one edge where social media is advantageous is the fact that one can get traffic in a short time as opposed to SEO traffic which can take sometime.

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