Using Heat Maps Understand Traffic Behavior

Heat Maps

If you are an internet marketer, then you already know how today’s internet space has changed. It has become more competitive and harder for online businesses to thrive. Everybody is competing and the old marketing tricks are quickly getting phased out. It is not like the old times when you used to create a blog post and expect Google to send swarms of traffic in no time. Some marketing techniques such as the use of heat maps have proven to give many marketers a way through.

You too can delve into the use of heat maps to better understand your audience so as to improve and serve them better. That is the only way that you are able to succeed in today’s internet marketing arena. Shared in this guide are some of the reasons why heat maps are the way to go.

What Are Heat Maps?

To start us off, let us first define what a heat map is. A heat map is simply a technology that is used to better present data. It features a two-dimensional coloring that highlights the user’s navigation and behavior on a website. So, for instance, when a web visitor moves their cursor to a certain section, it implies that they are likely interested or contemplating to take an action.

The heat map uses different color gradient that helps to better understand where users concentrate on a website. This way the website owner can then make some informed decisions to better serve them.

Why You Need Heat Maps

Shared below are some of the reasons why one would want to use heat maps on their website.

Improve Conversion Rate

Conversion rate improvement is something that many of us have had to struggle with. But something like a heat map can really come in handy in improving that. As aforementioned, a heat map provides a clear map of where people tend to concentrate. And with that, you can know areas where you need to make changes. And while you make changes, you are also able to observe and come up with a clear way how to improve the conversion rate and get more leads in the process


Even if you are making some money on your website, there is also a room for improvement. And with the use of heat maps, one is able to scale better and get more leads and sales. This can be very crucial when you have an eCommerce or a sales website.

So, if you are looking for a way to improve your website and get better results for the long term, then this is one way that can help you achieve that.


Traffic acquisition like its management is very important. Implementing heat maps is also not something that is very hard to do. It does not involve someone having to code because there are many plugins that can help you with that. It is however worth noting that most of the good ones that you will find in the market require some kind of payment.