Google Penalty & How To Deal With It

If you have been on the internet marketing space for a while, then you must have learned that

If you have been on the internet marketing space for a while, then you must have learned that search engine optimization is without a doubt something that is a must.  As long as people are still going to be using search engines like Google to get results for whatever they are looking for online, then SEO is a marketing strategy that is here to stay. However, there are a lot of ups and down and dancing with the search engine algorithm and updates.

These search engines uses a number of set algorithms to rank the website pages. And when some of these set rules are broken, sometimes search engines penalizes the websites. But what exactly is this penalty and why should you worry? Let’s delve deeper into all that.

What Is Google Penalty

Google penalty is a term that is common among search engine optimization marketers. Google penalty is a way that Google uses to de-index and remove websites that violate their set rules and algorithms.

It is not necessarily about de-indexing or removing these websites from the search engines, but sometimes it is about demoting to lowering their positions in the search engine results. When this happens, it means that the particular website that is affected or penalized will get less traffic. And this means reduced customers and sales. This is something that many digital marketers are always wary of and if one’s website is penalized, it breaks them.

So, what does one have to do to ensure that they get back their website from the Google penalty? Below, we will delve deeper into that.

How To Recover From Google Penalty

If you are hit by a Google penalty, then here are some of the things that you need to do.

Remove Bad Links

One of the most abused Google ranking algorithm is the use of backlinks. Backlinks are anchors that link back to the website or a particular page in that website. And when you have such links, then you need to remove them if you can. Google offers a tool called disavow which is very helpful in removing bad links to your website. And if you do that, things could get back to normal because you have removed the toxic links to your website.

Remove Plagiarized Content

Another reason that could lead to your website getting penalized is having content that is plagiarized. Google doesn’t like copied content and as such, you should consider removing it from your website because it brings about unnecessary toxicity.

Keyword Stuffing

Another thing is to make sure that you adhere to some algorithm rules that are needed. Among these rules is to ensure that you do proper keyword density and avoid keyword stuffing. Overusing a keyword is one of the known sins that Google penalizes websites for.


Google penalty is something that as a marketer you need to be careful about. But if it affects your website, the above tips and tricks should help you get things back on track and regain your organic web traffic.