Why Is My Website Getting No Traffic

Website Getting No Traffic

Website traffic is relevant for any website. Without traffic, you might not get anything good out of your website, and that is just a fact. It is like owning a shop and not having people coming in. Of course there will be no sales at all. We will however, help you out with that. So, if you have created your nice website, hosted it on a good server and you are still wondering why is your website getting no traffic, then this is the guide for you. Everybody has to start somewhere, and in all honesty, all of us have been at the point where they are wondering why their website is getting low traffic. Let’s go through some of the possibilities and things that could address your website getting no traffic.

Why Is Your Website Getting No Traffic

Website traffic acquisition can be a tricky pursuit. Sometimes you think that you are doing things right, only to realize that you are doing the opposite. This could answer the question on why your website getting no traffic. But there are a lot of things out there.

Poor Website Loading Speed

If you go to Google and search for anything and visit the top pages, there is something that you will realize. Their websites load pretty fast. It would be rare to find one that loads slowly yet rank top on Google. This simply means that the speed of a website is a ranking factor on Google and other search engines. After all, why would Google serve their searchers with a website that takes ages to load. That said, you need to tweak your website to maximize the available resources and load faster. the good thing with all this is that there are tools that will help you optimize your website speed.

Stay Ahead With The Changing Trends

Another reason of your website getting no traffic could be outdated strategies. There are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind when they are sending or acquiring traffic to their site. With every strategy that they use, they need to make sure that it still woks. The internet has many things and you will find that a strategy that used to work 7 years ago will not work today. Some may work, but some other will not. With that in mind, one needs to keep up with the latest algorithms and strategies to make sure that they are getting good traffic to their site.

Responsive Design

People use different devices to access the internet, and that means your site needs to render well and become navigable if it has any chances of serving visitors from different devices. With that in mind, you need to make sure that your website is well optimized to become responsive. That means that the site should be accessible through mobile devices, desktops, tablets and other devices. This is yet another reason that could lead to website getting no traffic.

Final Word

If you have a website and wondering why the website getting no traffic, then there are many reasons to that. Shared above are the most common ones that can be simply fixed.